Romania :. Phone Numbers Phones in Romania Country Code :40
International Call Prefix :00
In the last years, landline usage started to drop within Romania, as the mobile phones market was growing fast. Mobile phone companies were running out of numbers, as both the main mobile companies claimed millions upon millions of subscribers. Also, as the imminent joining of the EU, was going to cause the state-owned company to lose its landline monopoly, a reform was introduced in 2002. This modified the system to a 10 digits system, of which the first is always a national access code 0 . The first 4 digits, including the leading 0 , give the area code, in the format 0ZYX , where X, Y are digits from 0 to 9 and Z is a digit from 2 to 9. The geographic area codes for Bucharest are 0 Z 1, with a digit less than all the other area codes and an extra digit to the local number. For example, the Romtelecom area code for Bucharest is 021-xxx-xxxx , and for Neamţ County is 0233-xxx-xxx .

The Z digit gives the type of the area code:

Z = 2 and 3 means a landline number;the YX code is 1 (with extra digit for local number) for Bucharest, from 30 to 69 for a county code, and 70 to 79 for non-geographic landline numbers;
Z =7 (and possibly 6 in the future) means a mobile number;070p-xxxxxx numbers are reserved for virtual operators, while 071p-xxxxxx to 079p-xxxxxx are reserved for certain mobile company code
Z =8 means either a toll-free ( 0800-xxxxxx ), shared cost, personal numbering, virtual cards, pre-paid cards, or internet dial-up numbers
Z =9 means a premium-rate number, like 0900-xxx-xxx ;business and financial information and service use 0903-xxx-xxx and adult entertainment use 0906-xxx-xxx
Most new landline companies, like UPC Romania (formerly Astral) or Romania Data Systems (RDS), were granted new area codes with Z =3, e.g. 031-xxx-xxxx for Bucharest, and 03pp-xxx-xxx for the rest of the country. Because these area codes are shared between more companies, the entire number must be dialed, even within the same network.

The numbers with Z =2, e.g. 021-xxx-xxxx or 02pp-xxx-xxx , belong almost exclusively to Romtelecom. However, smaller companies were granted numbers with these area codes, like 021-59x-xxxx , and the local numbers are assigned in descending order of the first 3 digits, like (599xxxx, 598xxxx, ..., or 529xxxx, 528xxxx, ...). In Bucharest, local numbers starting with 5 were not used by Romtelecom, hence the usage of this digit. For other counties, if 5 had not been used by Romtelecom, it is preferred for the first digit of numbers of other companies. There are few companies requesting numbering resources with Z =2, and in most cases the companies provide local service only and do not extend their network in the whole country.

Formerly within Romtelecom, local numbers were always dialed without area codes, but other numbers were always to be dialed with the area codes, even if it was the same one. Hovever this was changed beginning with 3 May 2008:from that date Romtelecom subscribers can dial full 10 digit numbers for local calls, and since 1 August 2008 they are required to dial the full 10 digit number.

The mobile companies use area codes starting with 7:71 for Romtelecom, 72 and 73 for Vodafone Romania (previously branded as Connex), 74 and 75 for Orange Romania (previously branded as Dialog), 76 for Cosmote Romania (previously branded as Cosmorom), 77 for RCS&RDS, 78 for Zapp Mobile, etc.

Free phone numbers start with 800 (like 0-800-xxx-xxx ). Strangely, some companies to whom a numbering class is allocated may not grant toll-free access to those numbers for other networks. Therefore, sometimes a "toll-free" number is advertised as "toll free only within some operator".

Some 08pp codes are used for various services, like:

0801 for shared-cost numbers
0802 for personal numbering
0806 for virtual cards
0807 for pre-paid cards
087p for Internet dial-up;for the moment, only 0870 is used
Extra-charge numbers start with 90p , with some service types with their own area codes, like business and financial information ( 0903 ) and adult entertainment ( 0906 ). There are few used area codes in the 09pp range, the rest of them are stated as reserved, unlike for the 08pp range, which holds more service types, either toll-free or not.

The former extra-charge numbers were starting with 021-89-xxxxx for Bucharest and 02pp-89x-xxx for the other regions, thus being a subset of the numbers owned by Romtelecom. Currently these numbers are sometimes used for premium rate or normal Internet dial-up services. The usage of these numbers for such services is however discouraged, as the new area code for Internet dial-up is 0870 . There are some dial-up services using these numbers, and most of them begin with (021- or 02pp-) 893 or 899 .

Calling from Romania to Romania usually implies using the full 10 digits number. Romtelecom county codes were chosen on a geographical order, starting with northern Moldavia (Suceava County had 30 ), then going southwards to eastern Wallachia, than westwards to southern Transylvania, than northwards, closing the circle with the highest prefix, 69 (used for Sibiu County). These county codes were extended to all landline area codes.

Extra-charge SMS are sent to three or four digits numbers, each company having its own system.

Short numbers are allowed in both the 3 digits and in 4 digits forms, with a leading 9 , like 981 for the fire brigade, 961 for ambulance, 955 for police or 9xxx for various companies, including taxi, medical services, guards, information and others. Each town or county has it own special services, like firefighters, police, with the same number. The station to which these calls are directed is chosen based on location. Unlike for Bucharest, other regions use short numbers with 3 digits only, including the leading 9 . These services are provided by Romtelecom, therefore the area code must be dialed before the number when calling from other network.

The short local numbers which are the same in the whole country are:

02YX-922 Romtelecom devices service (for phones and other equipment bought or rented from Romtelecom), 021-9222 for Bucharest
02YX-925 Romtelecom GBM sales and customer support, 021-9255 for Bucharest
02YX-923 or 02YX-926 elevator service, 021-923(x) or 021-926(x) for more companies in Bucharest
02YX-928 former local gas company;new companies use other numbers;in Bucharest 021-928x for more gas companies
02YX-929 electricity company;021-9291 for Bucharest and 021-9292 for surrounding area
02YX-953 former state-owned taxi company;the privatised company still holds this number, 021-9531 for Bucharest
02YX-954 former state-owned freight taxi company;the privatised company still holds this number, 021-9541 for Bucharest
02YX-955 police, 021-9555 for Bucharest;no longer toll-free since the implementation of 112
02YX-956 gendarmerie, 021-9566 for Bucharest;formerly a taxi company number in Bucharest
02YX-959 Border police, 021-959 0 for Bucharest;(probably on counties along the country border or holding international airports)
02YX-961 state-owned ambulance and medical service 021-9611 for Bucharest;allegedly no longer toll-free since the implementation of 112
971 international calls via operator (this Romtelecom service is an exception and keeps the original short format even after 1 August 2008)
02YX-981 fire brigade, 021-9811 for Bucharest;allegedly no longer toll-free since the implementation of 112
991 domestic calls via operator, for reverse charge calls (this Romtelecom service is another exception and keeps the original short format even after 1 August 2008)
Some short numbers are used for network services, for rotary telephones which cannot dial * and # .

Romania joined the European initiative for a continent-wide emergency number, 112 . With the implementation of this service, the former emergency numbers are no longer toll-free, unless they are redirected to 112.

Number portability is planned to be available after 21 October 2008.

Besides the 112 service, and the reserved 11x numbers, a number may not begin with 1. There are some special codes which start with 1 :

10xx carrier selection, with intermediate tone
16xx carrier selection, followed by number
19x(...) nationwide short numbers (implemented since 2 May 2008)
1921 Romtelecom phone line service
1930 Romtelecom sales and customer support
1931 Romtelecom directory information
1932 Romtelecom directory information in Hungarian language
1951 Various information service
1957 telegrams
1958 current time announcement (from 10 to 10 seconds)
When calling from abroad, the leading zero is dropped and replaced with the international access code and the country code, like +40-xxx-xxx-xxx . As usual, only regular landline and mobile phones are accessible from outside Romania.

Because Romania's international code is 40 , some full numbers are sometimes wrongly advertised as +4 (or 004) followed by the national number, with the leading 0 included. The numbers are still valid, but sometimes even the 0 is dropped, so a call to a number written in this manner will fail. Those who do so mistakenly consider the international code as 4, and not 40. This mistake does not appear in media, but is sometimes observed on written phone numbers on vehicles, especially lorries or coaches.

When calling abroad from Romania, the international access code is 00 . From mobile devices the + is also supported, as per the GSM system standard.

Mobile Phone codes
MNP service is launched in October 2008. So any number can be used by any mobile provider.
Mobile Providers with own Networks
Providers - Code (prior to October 2008)
Romtelecom - 71
Vodafone Romania - 72, 73
Orange Romania - 74, 75
Cosmote - 76
RCS&RDS / DigiMobil - 77
Zapp - 78

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